Child caring techniques are continuously evolving. Currently, families can hire a single nanny to take care of their children. Nanny share services are all about two families coming together to cost-share on the services offered by a nanny. The nanny takes care of the children from both families in one of the houses for a scheduled time after which they can pop over to the next home to start their work there. Families that are involved in this type of arrangement get a lot of benefits. The price charged for nanny services may vary depending on the number of children under the nanny’s care and the nanny recruitment agency but are generally lower than usual. Most parents prefer going for nanny sharing because it benefits the families in the following ways;

Nanny Share is more Affordable

The whole idea of nanny share is to share on the cost of the child care services offered. This means that the families involved will each pay half the amount needed to pay the nanny. Whereas a family that hires a typical nanny has to take on the full cost. Nanny share services are also cheaper compared to the daycare services, which may charge a relatively high amount of money per hour. In as much as the nanny share arrangement may be economical. Both families must make payments regarding the laws governing the pay rates.

Kids get Playmates

Children who are given care by the same nanny can also more easily become playmates. The continuous socialization will eventually lead to healthy friendships, allowing the children to learn from one another as they go about their day to day activities. On the other children that are not involved in nanny share may miss out on some of the critical components required for healthy growth. They may become less social and have less playtime. Nanny care may also be advantageous compared to daycare in that your children will spend quality time with people the family know, unlike in daycare, where it’s harder to establish an intimate bond and relationship with the carers there.

Children Enjoy the Comfort of their Home

Since nanny care involves the nanny switching between the houses of the families involved, the children will be more comfortable. Children have a chance to be themselves and have time to play with their toys.

Playing at home is also more likely to make the kids happier. But when it comes to daycare, many children may find themselves in unfamiliar environments which may make them withdraw and become frightened.

Fewer Cases of Children getting Sick

Children in a nanny share program are less likely to get sick. This is because the number of children in such programs is usually very few. It, therefore, lowers the chances of the children spreading contagious diseases to one another. Daycares have carers in charge of larger groups of children running around, thus increasing the likelihood of catching and spreading viruses and germs. Most daycare places may seem spacious, but taking into consideration the high demand and intake, filled to capacity, they can be quite small, which increases the chances of contracting diseases.

Children are Under Professional Care

A good number of nannies in the nanny share program are well trained and know how to care for the individual needs of children properly. Nanny share can particularly be helpful when dealing with children who have specific health conditions. Some nannies are also familiar with the first aid procedures, so in case of an accident, the children will be well taken care of medically. Since the number of children in a nanny share program is low, the nanny can have time to attend to each child professionally without rushing.