Do you know what’s on top of the fashion list for this season?

Is your mind stuck pondering around wondering what you are going to spend your money on this season? It can be hard to decide what to spend your hard-earned money on when it comes to fashion and accessories. We often go through our wardrobe and look at certain items with a frown and wonder what on earth we brought that for. Still got items in your closet with the tag still on? We tend to spend money on items we never wear save your pennies and only buy the items that really matter.

Here are some items you can’t miss out on adding to your season’s wish list:


Burberry Poncho:

The Burberry Poncho has street style and has once again found itself on the seasons most wanted wish list. The poncho works well as a laid-back appeal but can easily be converted into something more sophisticated over a skirt and some boots. The poncho is well suited for the local rodeo or as a runway fashion who would have guessed it could be so versatile.

Apple watch:

People were awaiting eagerly after hearing rumours about the Apple designer collaboration. Here the time has arrived, and we have the Hemes Apple Watch. With the beautiful new designer strap, the Apple watch can now be more appealing to the eye. We ignore the price tag on the Apple watch as we see it soar past $1250.00 mark.

Miu Miu earrings:

You not only show class and style but with these oversized earrings, you will turn heads and surely make a big statement. These earrings can pull off a professional look when dressed in the correct outfit, they can also be dressed in a more casual outing with friends. These earrings are a clip-on type making them suitable for those who don’t have pierced ears and for those who want to be able to change their looks quick and fast without the need for a changing earring over.

Dior Real Brow Sunglasses:

Sunglasses are not just for summer and the latest celebs have proven that. Sunglasses work well for hiding those puffy eyes from a lack of sleep or shield your hungover from the harsh sun. Dior has created frames that others envy and that happens to work with just casual days or something a little more upscale. These frames work well with Chelsea boots and a stylish trench coat.

Chanel runners:

We see stilettos on the catwalk and many of the celebs are flaunting their stuff in them too. While they may be every girl’s dream no one can go past the comfort and the look of a pair of Chanel runners.

These shoes easily slip on and are street ready to get you where you need to go. You won’t get sore heels and squished toes in a pair of these cushioned sole runners. With a pair of skinny jeans and nice flowing, top can prove runners are not just for gym days.