So, the holiday season has come to an end which means it is time to prep that wardrobe with the latest fashion and trends that are hitting the streets. If you love new styles and designs, then check out the list of what’s new in my wardrobe so you can be sure your wardrobe is all about looking stylish.

Fall Plaids

You will certainly look stylish by flaunting it in the latest style of plaids. Going with a style of fall plaids is perfect for those cosy dinner dates and lounging weekends. They offer an everlasting comfort as being loose fitting they work with all body types. Fall plaids are a must have if you want to wear something that is both stylish and comfortable at the same time.
Plaids can come in different styles from button-up, lace up and zip ups.

Long sleeved sweater dresses

You wont ever find sweater dresses on the out of style racks. They continue to look stylish and comfortable for those cooler days when you don’t need to rug up in layers, but you feel a little chill in the air. You can choose a loose fit and a tighter fit, so they are suited for different body types.
Whether you choose a wool fabric or a cotton or perhaps a more organic blend suits you there are plenty of colours and designs to choose from.
Long sweaters look good paired with some skinny black jeans or leggings and a nice pair of short boots or runners.

Furry Sweaters

Furry sweaters believe it or not are coming back into fashion. Dry furry sweaters are piling up in everyone’s wardrobes with even better dye effects designed to look stylish and classy. Furry sweaters work well with jeggings and skinny legged jeans. White pants work well with coloured or patterns furry sweaters.

Knit Poncho

Ponchos are attractive and can be worn for many different occasions. Hitting the trends at the moment is the knitted Poncho which feature layered loose knitted material that works well with jeans for the relaxed look. Pick with style you like from an easy pull over to a simple overall ombre.
Ponchos are good for keeping the chill of your shoulders and back but without heavily weighing you down.

Distressed Sweaters

Distressed sweaters are definantly in anyones wardrobe that follows fashion. They are available in may different style cuts and funky retro colours or simple low toned colours. These work well for casual evening wear and hanging out with friends or shopping. Compliment your distressed sweater with a pair of skinny legged jeans or jeggings to achieve the best look.

Frozen shoulder tunic

I would call these tops the ones that dominate the fashion trends. If your wanting to achieve the cold shoulder look a frozen shoulder tunic is your go to. You can get a pullover style that has the keyhole cut to match in with a nice pair of ripped jeans or a rustic styled skirt.