When we are talking about fashion you will find it isn’t just women who have those days of “I don’t have anything to wear”. There are a few essentials that every man and woman need in their life. These essential items are not budget breaking Prada shoes or expensive animal furs. We are talking about just everyday cheap items that you need to have for that just in case day.

Black and white tees
If you are wanting to achieve a sporty look but don’t want to go overboard and end up looking like you took the whole look too dramatically get yourself a black or white tee.
Class solid tees are easy to style with leathers, jeans and even different coloured chinos. Not only can solid tees give a sporty look, but they can look quite stylish for any occasion whether you want to appear professional, casual or even just lounging around at home.

White runners

We all love our stylish going out boots, some with heels and some without. However, nothing can compare to the plain white sneaker. White runners are a wardrobe essential that will never lose their charm. They work with many different types of clothing and are quick and easy to chuck on and go. White runners give a clean, fresh look and work well with both casual and a professional look.

The Bomber jacket

Nothing looks better than a slim fitting collared jacket that isn’t just reserved for the bike riders. Bomber jackets can give a nice stylish appearance that works both for casual outings and more sophisticated dinner parties. When you have a bomber jacket done up and collar folded down it can look sensual and professional but by folding the collar up a little, ruffling the jacket and undoing it halfway it can be a more casual appearance for a backyard party.

Plaid shirts

Plaid shirts also known as the common chequered shirts will never fail in the fashion industry and won’t ever fade out of fashion due to the charm they offer. While the plaid shirts are very common, they offer many ways they can be styled. Plaid shirts can work with leather pants or jeans even track pants for the day spent at home.

The overnight bag

If you love to travel, then it may be time to invest in a decent overnight bag that has plenty of space for everything you need but also one that matches your theme. Have one packed and ready to go for when that friend calls to say she’s booked a trip and is on her way to pick you up. Overnight bags can be thrown in the boot of the car or left sitting in the wardrobe for when you need it. If you don’t want one already packed and ready then the overnight bag can be easily folded and stored in a drawer or cupboard.

Overnight bags differ in style some with an endless supply of pockets and secret compartments or just plain bags that offer plenty of inside space.